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Award Winning Food Photography

Stock Boutique Photos. Food. Creative stock pictures, images & prints. - Images by Paul Williams

Looking to commission or buy professional food studio photography for your next food advertising

campaign or food web site promotion? Simply visit award winning food photographer Paul Williams Funky Food Photography site for the very best food photography. See cutting edge food photography, photos & pictures, food photos & pictures of fresh food produce, food photography photos, pictures & images of world food. Buy food stock photos, pictures & Images of fresh produce , cooked & prepared food photos, or buy prints.

Food Photos, Pictures & Images of Fresh Food & Produce

Portfolio - Food Produce - Images by Paul Williams

Specialist fresh food & produce photography with fruit photos, pictures & images by award winning food photographer Paul Williams. See portfolios of tropical fruit photos with food pictures of bananas, plantains & pineapples. Our fruit photography photos portfolios also have pictures of fresh apples, pears images and plums photos. Citrus fruit such as oranges, mandarins, clementines, grapefruit an Kumquats photos, pictures & images can also be seen in our food photography galleries. License as rights managed and royalty free stock food photos, images & pictures or buy fine art food prints

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Christmas From Funky Food

Funky Stock Picture Library.

Specialising in stock photos of Europe and creative food stock photos.
Download high resolution stock photos on line.

FOOD - December Issue 2010.


Mine Pies stock photos & photography ebook
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eBook for small laptops
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Happy Christmas.
We know your Christmas advertising and editorial deadlines finished months ago so "My Little eBook Of Mince Pies" will hopefully get you back into the Christmas spirit and maybe give you some photo ideas for next year!!!. We hope you enjoy the ebook and have a great Christmas.
To send the ebook copy the web address from your browser and paste into any email. or use the embed HTML at the bottom of this page.

Easter Photos, Pictures & Images free eBook
eBook for normal monitors
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Happy Easter.
If you are starting to think about Easter at we thought you might enjoy "My Little eBook Of Easter". Our Easter stock collections have photos of Easter Eggs, Easter chicks & Bunnies on painted eggs. We also have a collection of Daffodils & blossom. See these stock photos at:

All our photos are high resolution and can be licensed on line or if you want to discuss rates 
just email

As food photography specialists we are building a library of food ingredients and produce that include 
cut outs and creative photos. Our aim is to produce an encyclopaedic collection of exciting food 
ingredient photos. To see what we have in our growing collection please visit our 
Food Ingredients & Produce Collection.
We license most of these photos as royalty free for advertising clients but if you would like to discuss budgets please email us.

Our collection of Recipe and Cooked Food Photos covers ethnic cuisine and specialist areas like BBQ cooking and fast food. It is evolving to meet the needs of our advertising clients who demand high quality and creativity.


Most people on Mothers day and Valentines "Say it with chocolates" so we have produced a series of stock photos that do the same.

Budapest stock photo, pictures & images
eBook for normal monitors
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Our travel ebook this month is on Budapest . One of the great
cities of Europe. Budapest is a very manageable destination to
explore over a few days. From Budapest's' great Austro
Hungarian Palace in the Castle district of Buda to the art
Nouveau Zoo, the Horror House or the second biggest
Synagogue in the world, there is something for everyone.
Our ebook gives facts and history of Budapest with photos.

EDITORIAL USAGE - we can supply photos at your standard page rate please email us a 
photo request list with your page rate and we will ftp the photos to you and invoice for the 
photos you use.
ADVERTISING & CORPORATE - Our photos are priced Rights Managed & 
Royalty Free on our web site. If you prefer to discuss a price to fit your budget please contact
Our sales are powered by Photoshelter, the renown photography platform for distributing and
selling photography. This gives us the confidence that you will receive the very best download
delivery service so we can concentrate on creating the very best creative photos.

funkystock photos

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Stock food photos from around the world

Funky Stock is a boutique library with photos by award winning London photographer Paul Williams. 
Paul has worked at the cutting edge of advertising and editorial in London for over 25 years. In the
 early days his cookery book photography won him a prestigious Glenfiddich cookery book award 
for a Dorling Kindersley's "Yan Kits Kitchen".
In later years Paul Williams has concentrated on big brand packaging and advertising including 
British household names like Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Tesco. This work earned him 
Gold DNAD awards in the UK, Cleo awards in the USA and a Silver Rose of Montreau Advertising 
Now Paul Williams has turned his attention to stock photography and he is well on his way to 
achieving his ambition of producing a world class stock boutique library with creative and highly 
professional food and travel photos.

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